Short stories on women in love


Over the years, author and communication head at Save the Children, Hiwot Emishaw has been entertaining us with her fiction entitled; Baricho and Fikefaki. The writer debuted in 2015, with Baricho (dark skinned), that the plot revolves around challenges and pressures of childhood. And Fikefaki, a book about young love. Now Hiwot is back with a band new book named, Mata Mata and other short stories, that use “love” as a theme. The writer says the book is very relatable for most Ethiopian women in their mid-thirty’s.
The Mata Mata book launch was held on, Thursday July 25, 2019, at Jupiter International Hotel, in the presence of the writer’s family, specific guests and local media. The event kicked off with a welcoming speech from Hiwot and was followed by “Adey Zema”, a band that made up of young talented girls playing acoustic Jazz along with their mind blowing voices. Afterwards one of Hiwot’s dearest friends Tsegereda Gonfa, read one of Hiwot’s stories about a young woman who recently moved to A.A. from Bahardar to find herself sucked in an awkward situation with her secret lovers wife and children. Then, after some music, Hiwot herself read to the crowd about “a married woman writing a letter to an old lover after she found out the devastating news about his upcoming wedding”.
Later the evening a second story was read by another close friend of the writer, Sisay Chanyale about “a man worried about his wife falling for her coworker”. Subsequent to the music yet another friend of the writer Misrak Tefera read a small portion of the book about “a lady in a relationship with a guy out of her league who decided to confront her boyfriend and ask if he really loves her. When she asked him to love her he responded by avoiding her question.”
The event was concluded by Hiwot thanking the spectators for attending and buying her books. She also specifically thanked Gashaw, Mafi design, her mother Elisabeth, her daughter Arsema, her 140,000 Facebook followers for rooting for her throughout the years, and last but not least her husband Abere.