Mekele 70 Enderta signs five players


Premier League Champion Mekele 70 Enderta is engaged in a serious build up to compete at international fixtures.
Throwing away the golden chance of leading Jimma AbaJifar in to his first ever African Champions League appearance last year, Coach Gebremedin Haile is back into the arena with latest champions Mekele. “Winning trophies is not the only measurement for being successful. But I am happy achieving back to back league title with two different sides,” Gebremedin remarked to reporters.
For a start Gebremedin signed five players including Ghanaian international former Electric and Ethiopia Bunna striker Alhasen Kalusha, flank player Efrem Ashamo, former Mekelakeya defender Tafese Sirka and two upcoming young talents goalkeeper Tsion Mered and mid fielder Alelegn Azene from Arbaminch Town. Both players came through Arbaminch Youth rank the current season yet performed beyond doubt to earn a call from the national side.
The first ever international showdown for Mekele yet taking place in just three week time and against a tricky adversary from Equatorial Guinea, Gebre decided to kick-off his preseason in time to get prepared mentally and physically for the historic match.
Though Gebremedin failed to book a place in the group stages in his previous attempts, he appeared to be determined to go past preliminary rounds this time.
Club officials are working hard lobbing CAF to give green light to Mekele international stadium to host the return leg that takes place in ten days.