Saint George, Ethiopia Coffee lobbying for a new league


Though the future of Ethiopian Premier League football is unclear, record champions Saint George and popular side Ethiopia Coffee are said to be lobbying for a new league format. “The two Ethiopian Football giants are pulling strings at the higher level in order to bring real change to the football federation,” a source disclosed. “A huge outcome is expected from that campaign,” the source added.
According to sources, Saint George and Ethiopia Coffee are busy joining forces to lobby for a new format change. However, they have not yet decided about appointing their respective coaches. Both are waiting for the outcome of their campaign before announcing coaches for the coming season. “The appointment of Micho and Kasaye Arage is only about buying time,” sources disclosed.
After submitting a letter to the federation announcing the club’s refusal to take part in the national U-20 championship to be held in August, Saint George is said to be busy pulling strings, to bring about significant changes in the Ethiopian Football hierarchy. Firmly supporting Ethiopia Coffee’s stand against the federation followed by the walk out of the Premier League season’s final two fixtures crying foul for the federation’s unfair decision of postponing an important match against Welwalo-Adigrat, Saint George is for once carrying out its historic duty of spearheading Ethiopian Football for a better future.
They have strong grievances with the incumbent EFF executive body Saint George, Ethiopia Coffee, relegated side Mekelakya, Super League sides Ethio-Electric and Ethiopia Medin might reach a ground and get a new format for the coming season.