Wolayta Dicha appoints Gebrekristos Birara


Former Shashemene and Debub Police Coach Gebrekristos Birara appointed to relegation survival Wolayta Dicha. “I am not sure how he won the appointment since his document is much less impressive than the rest of us,” one of the applicants underlined.
Though GebreKristos has only six months of experience at the Premier League and Debub Police were sent to relegation, he somehow managed to bounce back to secure the top job at Dicha ahead of the other three applicants: former Baherdar boss Paulos Getachew, former Sidama Abayneh Alemayehu and former Diredawa coach Zelalem Shiferaw.
Debub Police managed incredible efforts to survive under Gebrekristos but the team finished 15th in the table thus relegated back to Super league after a single season at the top tier.
Winning the confidence of senior players like Degu Debebe, Tesfaye Alebachew is expected to be the most challenging aspect to Gebrekristos who never played football at the higher stages. Though the head hunting for new players to join the squad is another setback, it may not be that huge a challenge for the humble hearted coach who succeeded the newly appointed Coach at Adama, Ashenafi Bekele.
Hardly a name at Shashemene Town, Gebrekristos joined Debub Police in the wake of the much talked about Fair Play fame in which he received an award from the Federation. Only four wins, six draws and five defeats he collected 18 of the total 39 points to finish 15th at the end of the season.