Saturday, April 13, 2024

ECX Academy


Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) is to establish training facility called ECX Academy on the current budget year.
The eleven years old electronic trading centre introduced the modern commodity trading that create smooth link from farmers to exporters.
On its operation the exchange traded different agricultural commodities mainly export items.
On its latest plan the exchange targeted to provide training for local traders, baristas, and cuppers. The facility also expected to be open for African Exchanges.
Officials of the commodity exchange recalled that in the past ECX has been enabled to be benchmark for several African countries to form their own commodity exchange. In the past it has shared its experience for other African countries.
For instance this week it shared its experience for officials from Mozambique Commodity Exchange and Reserve Bank of Malawi.
Sharing experience in compliance, warehouse, quality and trade operations, trade and warehouse surveillance, clearing and settlement and business information dissemination have been part.
Regarding the formation of ECX Academy Victoria D. Paulo, the Chairperson of the Mozambique Commodity Exchange expressed her interest to send her technical team for in depth training.

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