Photographer’s images inspire wildlife preservation


At the tender age of 18, photographer and film maker Aziz Ahmed found his passion for photography. He was a tour guide at Abijatta Shalla National Park, and saw a foreign lady taking pictures of birds. This inspired him to dedicate his first creative project to birds. The artist sold his car to buy a camera and set foot in the photography world.
He later focused on photos and films of the Ethiopian wilderness. The artist showcased his work at the Best Western Hotel. The exhibition lasted for five consecutive days; August 19-23, 2019, and used the Ethiopian Black Maine Lion as a theme. Local and international media and photo enthusiasts attended the event. The artist took mind blowing shots of the Ethiopian lion and many other pictures inspired by Ethiopian Wildlife. One picture of an adult lion is a masterpiece that he took in the dense forest of Bale Mountains. His wildlife photography is featured in a book that depicts the hidden resources of Ethiopia, for sale at 1,000 birr. This book will encourage local and foreign tourists to visit these magical places.
Capital had a chance to interview the artist’s wife who is also a photographer. She and her husband had to take shots in life threatening situations. She also talked about a heart breaking story Aziz went through as a child; the death of his father caused by a lion attack. Despite that the artist adores lions he always says; “All you have to do is put yourself in their shoes only then you will understand them and be able to communicate with them”. She mentioned they had to take pictures at night because this was the ideal time to capture the lions roaming around.
The exhibition carried more messages other than attracting tourists. The Black Maine Lion is being killed every day. Now lions are on the verge of extinction and some are leaving their homeland because it is not safe anymore. So by creating awareness the artist is striving to end the brutal death of the lions. Aziz’s wants the public’s help to, “save wildlife together”.