Difficult times await Seyoum Kebede at Fasil Town


Seyoum Kebede’s international debut match ended in a misery over the week end following the 3-1 return leg away defeat to Tanzanian counterpart Azam. The defeat appears a bad omen to Seyoum who shouldered a huge task of filling Wubetu Abate’s shoes.
First experience at international football, a forfeit dominated Knock-out Cup, hardly a break following an extended league season, the departure of popular Coach Wubetu Abate followed by the appointment of Seyoum just a week before the decisive return leg, everything was against the Gondor based side Fasil therefore the 3-2 away defeat to a former Tanzanian champion Azam FC is hardly a surprise.
Back from the international stage Seyoum faces a huge challenge that is building an entertaining football playing team. “A standard is already set and Seyoum must meet that otherwise he will be under pressure for supporters have no patience for lame excuses” an official from Fasil Town suggested.
“The club should have done everything to retain Wubetu for he had done a miracle in his first season with Fasil” suggested one supporter who believes that the football currently is a stage to prove the ethnic superiority of one over the other. Losing or winning a game means a win or a defeat over the concerned ethnicities and that brings a huge pressure on Coaches. I believe that is the only reason why Wubetu left Fasil despite having a remaining one season” the official remarked.