New open mic event for poets/writers


Poetry reading nights have been quite popular these days especially when a prominent brand like spittoon makes its debut in Addis it is no wonder literary enthusiasts would be fascinated by it. Spittoon is an international art collective found by British poet Matthew Byrne four years ago in Beijing, China. It also publishes a literary magazine and a comic book. Spittoon has made its way from Beijing, China to Chengdu, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Addis and soon will be opened in Portugal.
Maya Fresenay from Quiz night presented Spittoon poetry night at Addis lounge, making Addis Ababa the third city to introduce Spittoon Poetry night. Last Saturday six poets had the chance to read their original work, and Maya herself read two poems of her own entitled “Lather Blather” and “Daddy Issues”. Spittoon will soon start fiction reading night; a prompt and word limit is given for writers.
The poetry night is a once in a month event to be held on different days of the week. Spittoon is open for anyone interested with no entrance fee. Individuals who write can sign up and present their piece. Spittoon is a creative and welcoming space for literary enthusiasts. It helps exercise one’s voice while the audience listens, giving confidence and inspiration to all ages. Capital had the chance to interview Maya and she revealed the story behind the name spittoon saying” Spittoon is a bucket used for spitting into. It is metaphor for poetry since you are spitting your thoughts into paper”
Spittoon Addis creates a platform where hundreds of people get together to read their poetry and fiction work. It also intends hold a poetry competition and collaborate on poetry and music. To sign up you can use the Facebook page Spittoon Addis Ababa or Telegram group Spittoon Addis Ababa.