Bowmans enters Ethiopian market


Aman Assefa & Associates Law Office, a pioneering corporate legal service office based in Addis Ababa, announced this week that it has entered into an alliance agreement with Bowmans, an Africa-based multinational law firm, which was voted African Law Firm of the Year in 2018.
Aman Assefa & Associates Law Office, founded by Aman Assefa in 2003, has been steadily growing as a commercial legal practice throughout the years serving a number of clients ranging from start-ups to prominent multi-nationals. It has become a preferred place of work for some of the best and brightest legal minds in the country. Major expansion has been happening since 2016, when the law firm brought on board highly-skilled Ethiopian lawyers who studied in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, USA, South Africa and Hungary.
The office’s focus in corporate and commercial legal practice has served many of its clients, consisting of both foreign and local investors, and thereby, has contributed in its own way to bridge the knowledge/information gap and creating lasting impact for investments and communities.
Bowmans is a highly-regarded leading African law firm with over a century of experience of providing services in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law and dispute resolution. Bowmans has offices in Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania.
Asked about the alliance with Bowmans, Aman Assefa has said: “The agreement with Bowmans is in line with our strategy to continue to invest behind our passionate people, purposeful leadership, and to cope with the international trend in increased knowledge management for organizational efficiency”. Aman further added that the relationship with Bowmans would allow both firms to create the synergy required to tap into new business opportunities while at the same time allowing Aman Assefa & Associates “the opportunity to benefit from international-standard legal service delivery models”.
Commenting on the relationship Robert Legh, Chairman and senior partner of Bowmans said, “Ethiopia is a vibrant and burgeoning market – it is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world – offering significant opportunities to our client base. The great advantage of this alliance from our perspective is that we will have a close tie-up and formal alliance with one of the few high-quality corporate legal practices available in Ethiopia”.