Saint George hires Serbian coach


Saint George appointed a coach from Serbia for the third time. They will be the only team in the next season with a foreign coach. The 47-year-old Serdan Zihojihov boasts firsthand experience with three African clubs in Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. Though his record shows nothing of winning titles, he is said to have impressive records in building a competent squad out of upcoming young talents.
The Serbian appeared to reach Addis Ababa at the very wrong time for Saint George as it is said to be at the heart of a rebellion working on a formation of new format in the coming season therefore team building may be a second priority. Losing the Premier League title for the first time in two successive seasons, the Serbian’s priority is expected to bring back the title by all means.
The time taken to name a new coach following failure to reach an agreement with first choice Wubetu Abate, appeared to be costly to Saint George that extended contracts to seven players and signing seven new faces before Zihogohov’s arrival. “We have followed the players throughout the season and we are sure the new boss will like them,” Board Chairman Abenet G/Meskel told reporters.