Wubetu leads Sebeta to aggressive transfer market


Unveiling their new appointment Wubetu Abate speaking at Sebeta Town, said the new comers are aggressively involved in the players transfer market signing a number of big-name players including veterans Dawit Estifanos and Mesoud Mohammed.
Almost putting a three year contract with Saint George Wubetu told the conference that he was almost going to do it but somehow failed in the final minutes. “I am very happy to be part of such a high esteemed club having a huge dream of becoming one of the big teams in the country” Wubetu stated at the press conference. ” I was planning to have a club in the capital and Sebeta being just 25km outside Addis became the ideal choice” Wubetu underlined.
Mesoud and Dawit who played major role in helping Ethiopia Bunna win premier league title under Wubetu are the first to put their signature for a one-year contract. Premier League champion with Dedebit and Saint George Behailu Tusa, Mekelakya and national team fast striker Fitsum Gebremariam and former Premier League and knockout champion Samuel Taye and team mate Addisu Tesfaye are among the ten players that joined new comer Sebeta Town. “We want to make Sebeta Kenema has a place in the continent and have every resource to fulfill our plan of self-sufficiency in five years” club president Obsa Legese announced at the press conference.
Working on youth development, forming women’s side and developing our stadium in to major venue are said to be priorities in the club’s agenda. “We want to have a team that could shine further than local football” club president Obsa promised to the conference.