New format for next year


The Ethiopian Football Federation announced a new format bringing together twenty-four sides into two groups. The Addis Ababa clubs have asked for clarification from the federation.
The announcement from the federation renowned for its inefficiency and lack of knowledgeable individuals among its executive members, is considered a desperate move to win a yes vote in the coming National General Assembly to be held at the end of this month.
According to the announcement the 16 Premier League sides including the three relegated sides, the newly promoted three sides from the Super League, the runner-ups of the three groups and the best two of the three third place finishers, a total of twenty-four teams are members of the league season. Two groups each having twelve sides will have a two round tournament then the top four finishers from each group will have a knock out play-off to decide the ultimate title winner.
If the new format wins a majority vote in the coming National Assembly, Addis Ababa will be represented by five sides including Medin and ECOSCO, Amhara to stick with the two already in the top tier, Tigray with four including relegated Dedebit, the southern region with seven and Oromia having five teams under its wing.
Critics suggested that the move is a desperate action from the federation that is under heavy pressure from all sides for its inefficiency. “It is just like a political campaign to win the backing of Super League sides at the cost of the country’s football that is already on the death bed,” one critic underlined.
Assuming the new format is approved by the majority vote at the coming National General Assembly, the league season is expected to kick-off at the end of October or first week of November 2019.