Obtaining passport still delayed


The Immigration, Nationality & Vital Events Agency says that people must meet five criteria to obtain a passport.
Although citizens who hold kebele identification cards and birth certificates can obtain a passport from the agency, they have to wait for 45 days as the shortage of hard currency has affected the supply of passport books.
According to the Agency in order to get an expedited passport, applicants must present documents from government institutions including a letter of recommendation, proof of a medical condition, an active visa, or engagement in inport-export trade. Expedited passports cost 2,186 Birr.
“Even though there is some relaxation after working with the National Bank of Ethiopia to get foreign exchange to import passports, still, there is a problem getting passports quickly,” said Desalegn Teressa, Agency Communication Director.
For the, the applicant should wait for 45 days to get a passport through the normal procedure, which costs 600 Birr for 32 pages and 900 Br for a 64-page passport.
The rules are different for those looking to travel to Middle Eastern countries that Ethiopia has signed bilateral labor agreements with. They should bring a certificate of competence that shows a three-month training from accredited institutions.
Currently, the agency is working in its full capacity to serve 2000-3000 citizens.
The Agency has nine branches in: Adama, Semera, Jigjiga, Hawassa, Dire Dawa, Jimma, Dessie, Bahir Dar, and Meqelle.