Saturday, July 13, 2024

TOTAL Ethiopia inaugurates service center


TOTAL Ethiopia SC inaugurated Yeka Total Quartz auto service (TQAS) which was built at a cost of 4 million birr around Megenagna area in Yeka district last Tuesday. Since 2017 the company has invested over 40 million birr for the construction of these service centers across the nation.
The company covered the entire cost for Yeka TQAS center and was built by Total in-house engineers under strict supervision to meet standards.
Owned by Ermiyas Yishak, dealers of Yeka TQAS, the construction took two years.
Out of the 52 TASQS centers, 32 are built in Addis Ababa and the remaining 20 were built in different parts of the country. They created 169 job opportunities.
All the centers work to follow strict ways of disposing of waste material so as to better protect the environment.
Total has come with a new concept called Total Quartz auto service(TQAS) for quick oil change centers under Total banners developed with local partners which was fully started by Total Ethiopia in 2017.
“Under the TQAS, Total offers personalized service with no appointments with a clearly displayed price and quality service including free advice,” said Thibault Lesueur, managing director of Total Ethiopia SC.
Total Ethiopia’s is engaged in Marketing of fuels, lubricants, LPG, Bitumen and other specialties. It currently operates a distribution service station network numbering 153 throughout Ethiopia.
According to the managing director, Total Ethiopia has 17 percent of the market share in Ethiopia’s oil and gas distribution and delivers high quality lubricants. However, a shortage of hard currency hit the market for the last two years which resulted in an increase in the price of the products.
Total Ethiopia is the only company that has built an independent depot in 2016 at Dukem with a storage capacity that can serve for more than a month.
Established 69 years ago, Total Ethiopia has acquired ex-Mobil facilities and business in Ethiopia and has been extensively supplying all kinds of petroleum products for the government, private and international companies.
For the next two years, Total has a plan to open additional 100 centers Lesueur told Capital.

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