Colonel Awol’s 24 team proposal discarded

The 24 teams in two groups’ bravado appeared to nosedive in to the gutter following serious objections from Ethiopian Football power houses. Mekele 7o Enderta stood strong against Awol’s plans of avoiding encounters between teams from Tigray and Amhara.
In an emergency meeting taking place at Sport Commission in the presence of Youths and Sport minister Hirut Kassa, commission deputy commissioner, Olympic committee President Ashber W/Giorgis, representative from all nine regions and two City Council and EFF Executive Members a new direction has given to the federation to call all partners for further discussions and deliberations in the meantime the 24 teams premier League proposal tabled on the floor thrown in to the wastebasket.
The new development leaves the incumbent executive body in to awkward position coming up without any further ideas how to run the shows in the coming season.
Winning strong support from almost all participants, a new format appears to emerge that each region to organize its own competition then the winners and runner ups to come together in to annual Ethiopian national championship.
Though it is not yet decided the future of Ethiopian football, Youth and Culture minister Hirut gave a new direction to further investigate the best options for the sport.
Asheber who was among those opposing the 24 teams in two groups proposition, told participants that Sport is all about Peace and Friendship but the Federation’s proposal is against that international truth.
Amazingly enough the federation vice president and considered the most influential individual in the cabinet Colonel Awol was not present after all his press conferences and announcements that a new league format is under way. Usually shy to appear for major announcements EFF President Essayas Jirra and six of his cabinet members were in attendance.

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