Friday, April 12, 2024

Cartooning for Peace and Democracy in Ethiopia


In partnership with the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA/UNESCO), the Ethio-French Alliance of Addis Ababa (AEF), the French Embassy in Ethiopia and representative to the African Union, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education and the press cartoonists, Cartooning for Peace launches its programme, supported by the European Union, in Ethiopia.
After participating in the World Press Freedom Day in Addis Ababa on May 3, Cartooning for Peace is working with the project partners to develop educational tools for Media and Information Literacy through press cartoons. On 7 and 8 October 2019, the partners will co-organize a training for some 30 teachers and 7 press cartoonists at the AEF.
Once trained, teachers will work to raise awareness among their students before welcoming press cartoonists in their classrooms for workshops between October and December 2019.
Cartooning for Peace is an international network of committed press cartoonists, united by common values such as the defence of fundamental freedoms, the pluralism of cultures and opinions and democracy.
The organisation was founded at the initiative of Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize and former United Nations Secretary-General and Plantu, cartoonist at the French newspaper Le Monde, in answer to the violent reactions that followed the publication of cartoons in the Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten in 2005. It started as a meeting of 12 world cartoonists for a symposium titled “Unlearning intolerance” and represents today a network of 203 cartoonists from 67 countries.

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