Saturday, April 13, 2024

2019 Addis Ababa City Cup kicks-off 1st November


The two-week event which features a trophy and a significant amount of prize money is expected to be a good opportunity for the participating teams that are currently in the final phase of their pre-season preparations. Although all teams from the Capital except rumored to be defunct, Addis Ababa Town, are expected to take part Ethiopia Medin and Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation are yet in doubt following the controversial decision of Ethiopian Football Federation reversing its decision of a 24 side new format in the coming new season.
Five time champions Saint George, three time winners Ethio-Electric, and defending three time champions Ethiopia Bunna, Mekelakeya, not yet confirmed Ethiopia Medin and ECWCO are representative of the Capital while Premier League new comers Wolkite Town from Southern region and Sebeta Town from Oromia are the eight teams to join force in the competition. If at all the two teams Medin and ECWCO declined to participate last year surprise finalist Baherdar Town and league runner-up Sidama Bunna are ready in the waiting list.
Though Addis Ababa Football federation was pushing for an alternate new league format for the new season that is organizing its own tournament among its subjects, currently it appeared to come in to terms with the country’s governing body thus ready to commence its annual event.
Famous for raising millions to finance the annual tournament, Addis Ababa Football Federation is expected to bring about huge surprises for the City Mayor Engineer Takele Uma has long promised to play a huge role as one of the stake holders in organizing the city’s flag ship sport event.

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