Decade long league committee dream comes true


Nearly four decades as Patriarch to the most popular side in the country Ethiopia Bunna Lieutenant Fekade Mamo elected named Chair Person to the newly formed Committee that will take over the organization of the tournament as of the coming season. “The matter was rolling since the past twelve years but here we are to walk-our-talk and takeover the cumbersome weight off our shoulder” EFF President Essayas Jirra told the participants of the meeting that took place at Elili Hotel.
Though it is not yet clearly defined what exactly the Committee’s assignment is, the new arrangement could help the Premier League clubs to run their own show with the Federation only to play the governing body’s role that is overseeing the amateur and professional game and provides sanctions for competitive matches at all levels, although at the grassroots level it governs leagues via regional football associations.
Some suggested that the Federation giveaway its tight grip because it is currently in an awkward position hardly heard among its subjects with some the likes of Addis Ababa Football Federation plotting an exclusive league season among its clubs. Therefore it is expected a tough time to come to set terms how to run the show in proper way despite the Federation’s eagle eye hovering above to look for excuses in order to disprove the clubs’ good intention. “The ball is now in our court therefore we need to be wise how to play with it” One participant suggested.
Having the best experience in organizing and leading huge organization then a board chairman at Ethiopia Bunna, Lieutenant Fekade is named the chair person and Kasate Legesse from Mekele Seba-Enderta vice Chairperson. Eshetu Biyadego from Fasil, Anbesse Megersa from Adama, Assefa Hasiso from Dicha, Ato Anbsaw Awegechew from Diredawa and Mengestu Sasamo from Sidama Bunna are member of the committee given a back breaking job of establishing a League Committee despite 14 out of the 16 are government sponsored clubs.