Saturday, April 13, 2024

Girma Worku


Name: Girma Worku

Education: BA in mathematics

Company name: Outlook Computer Engineering

Title: Owner

Founded in: 2011

What it does: Computer maintenance and training

HQ: Piassa

Number of employees: 9

Startup apital: 50,000 birr

Current capital: 1.5 million birr

Reasons for starting the business: Financial freedom

Biggest perk of ownership: Economic freedom

Biggest strength: Customer handling

Biggest challenging: House rent

Plan: To excel computer training

First career: College teacher

Most interested in meeting: Betelhem Tilahun

Most admired person: Betelhem Tilahun

Stress reducer: Watching funny videos

Favorite past-time: Chilling with family

Favorite book: You can Win

Favorite destination: Paris

Favorite automobile: Bugatti

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