Living Water

TENSAE International Business Enterprises plc, a pioneer in the water sector for over 20 years by improving water treatment technology has launched a new way to treat water so people can enjoy safer drinking water.
TENSAE is a regional distributer of, Hack products a US company established 70 years ago to work on producing water quality and treatment technology covering Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti including Ethiopia.
“Our company is closely working with Ministry of Water Irrigation and Energy and the Ethiopian Water Utilities Federation and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). They have evaluated and approved new technological methods developed by Hack Company. All EPA-Approved methods are cited in the Federal Register and compiled in the Code of Federal Regulations,” said Anteneh Kassa, Managing director of TENSAE International Business Enterprises plc.
“As there is a lot of pressure on the water system when there is an increase of population in cities the need to treat waste water and knowing the level of balanced nutrients in the water is essential,” Sudhir Singh, HACK Business Development Manager East Africa said.

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