Ethiopia eliminated from CHAN Cup final


Though Ethiopian national side Waliyas kicked out of 2020 CHAN Cup final to be held in host nation Cameroon, every one including the usually soft spoken and close to the media Abraham Mebratu disappeared from the stage in order to downplay the whole fiasco.
Waliya’s 2020 CHAN qualification campaign came to an end after an aggregate defeat at the hands of Rwanda. Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana and Ivory Coast are among the high profiled absentees in the Cup final to be held in Cameroon.
A costly 1-0 first leg home defeat followed by an away draw in Kigali, Ethiopia missed to be back to the Cup final for second time in a row.
A first leg defeat in front of tens of thousands home supporters in Baherdar stadium followed by another friendly home defeat by visitors Uganda, the qualification campaign ended in a misery Ethiopia once again absent from the continent’s second biggest sport event.
Everyone concerned with the qualification including National Technical Committee Chairperson Sewnet Bishaw went shy of public appearances.
The players’ back to their respective sides’ things at the federation appears business as usual with no one to be accountable for the failure.
National boss Abraham Mebratu’s performance is nothing to talk about for his record shows the recent time worst ever record.
It is recalled that qualification for CHAN 2020 was one of the requirements set for Abraham. Failure to deliver that commitment is surely entails consequences.
Three East African nations: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda are among the 16 nations that booked a place in the Cup final.
Cameroon the host nation, Zambia, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo Republic, DRC, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Togo and Namibia are the cup finalists for CHAN fourth edition.