Salhadin Said handed two-year extension


The only side to appoint a foreign Coach in the coming premier league new season Saint George handed Salhadin Said a two-year contract extension. A striker from Ivory Coast has also joined Saint George to pair with lone wolf front man Salhadin.
Hardly to serve Saint George in full capacity for nursing a long-time ligament injury since the past two seasons, Salhadin has joined his teammates at the club’s training facility at Bishoftu 45 kilometers from the capital participating at the preseason under the Serb Head Coach.
The former international who played for different foreign clubs in Belgium, Algeria and Egypt wining the league championship with Al-Ahly is still considered the number one striker in Ethiopia had it not been for the frustrating injury. This means The Horse Men are going to have a strong strike force pairing Salhadin with their new accusation from Ivory Coast Zabo Dani. Putting pen to paper for a one-year contract the former Ashanti-Kotoco striker is said to be a deadly goal machine much anticipated to help Saint George back in to title contention after two empty handed seasons in a row.
Two frustrating seasons later the diehard supporters of the record 14 times Ethiopian champions Saint George are anxiously awaiting the start of the new season believing that the good old times are coming back along with the Serbian Coach whose priority is claiming back the title eluding the team for last two years.
“We need to build a strong squad spearhead by deadly strikers in order to compete at equal footing with the defending champions Mekele 70Enderta that boasts a superior attacking duo: last year top scorer Amanuel G/Kidan and Nigerian Okiki Afolabi. Otherwise things are going to get difficult to bring back the title” Mengesha Teferi suggested. “Mekele 70Enderta is the team to beat and it is only Saint George to have every weapon to deny them retail the title for second season in a row” he added.