ET, CBE launch co-branded platinum card

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Ethiopian Airlines unveil co-branded payment card on November 6 at the skylight Hotel. Pictured are Tewolde Gebremariam of ET and Bacha Gini of CBE during the signing ceremony.

The two oldest and largest institutions in the country, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Ethiopian Airline group have launched Co-Branded platinum Card last Wednesday November 6, 2019 at Ethiopian Sky Light Hotel in a bid to serve the shared customers of the two institutions offering a multiple advantage. Ethiopian Airlines transacts through digital payment channels worldwide.
For the last ten months CBE facilitated the sale of Ethiopian Airlines e-tickets worth over 300 million birr through digital payment channels. During the period, 67,480 e-tickets were sold using digital payment channels including its CBE Birr App and online bookings at branches of the Bank.
The digital payment solution is geared towards allowing customers to use CBE’ digital payment channels and flies to over 125 destinations of Ethiopian Airlines worldwide.
The service enables customers to pay at tip of their fingers using mobile phones, Internet, PoS, and CBE birr Ethiopia.
According to the Tewolde Gebremariam CEO of ET and Bacha Gini President of CBE, customers of the Co- branded platinum card will get a millage advantage from Ethiopian Airline group beside the incentives that the customers get while using the card shopping, at hotels, gas stations and other services.
“We are proud to have pioneered the modernization of payment systems in Ethiopia. The various e-payment facilities we deployed have enabled us become leaders in the provision of technology based banking services,” said Bacha.
“As customer focused global airline, we have invested heavily in digitizing our systems and operations to meet the evolving’ expectation of customers. The digital payment service of CBE has availed us the opportunity to greatly streamline our payment systems and help our customers process their flights at ease, in an efficient and effective manner,” Tewolde adds.
Ethiopian Airlines, one the fastest growing Airlines became one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivaled in efficiency and operational success in 125 international passenger and cargo destinations across five continents.
The Airline also works with over 35 digital-payment channels worldwide.
Concerning the network problems encountered at CBE, the president disclosed that they have been using the latest technology to solve the problems.
“For offering such digital services, CBE has assigned a dedicated digitalization structure at the president and vice president level to lead digitalization and go forward,” Bacha adds.
The 77 year old CBE, has over 22 million customers with over 1,500 branches in addition to branches in neighboring South Sudan and Djibouti.
Both giant institutions have shared goals of serving the people and go hand in hand with the global trends.