Sunday, July 14, 2024

New taxi app service seeks to empower women, disabled


Another ride sharing app company is joining the market with a focus on attracting employees with disabilities by offering them a chance to purchase the cars at a lower interest rate. Women and owners of the old blue Lada taxies will get priority when it comes to purchasing the cars as well.
Hello Taxi, is a sister company of Cloud Worldwide Trading PLC and has been working for three years to develop the platform which will utilize GPS and Google Map to help monitor the cars and for drivers to locate customers’ destinations.
“The entire system really helps to prevent crime and gives confidence to the clients,” said Daniel Yohannis the General Manager of the company.
The service can work on offline by using a call center for a small cost.
The company has already agreed to work with Prince -import -Export Company and Marathon Motor Engineering to deliver the vehicles which will be 2016 Toyota Yaris and 2019 Hyundai cars.
To purchase the vehicles and work with Hello Taxi, a person needs to fork over 30 percent of the purchase price for a down payment fee. The rest is covered by a loan with Abyssinia Bank, which they must pay off in five years at a normal interest rate. People who have disabilities are an exception to this rule, they are entitled to interest free loans.
Both the imported and assembled cars will cost around a million birr.
Daniel says 250 vehicles have been transferred to drivers this week.
The vehicles will have a code 1 plate and be painted yellow in accordance Transport Authority regulations. Their price will be based on the meter taxi rates set by the Authority.
The cars are safe, fuel efficient and minimize their carbon footprint.
The company offers training in customer handling, and technology to its employees.
Marathon Motor engineering, which is one of the top car assembly in Africa will expected to deliver the latest Model of Hyundai before the year ends.
Riders can obtain silver, gold and platinum cards which offer incentives for repeat customers.
The company plans to expand and offer service in Bahir Dar, Adama, Mekele, Hawassa and other parts of the country.
Since March 2017 at least six taxi hailing services have entered the Addis market.

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