Ethiopian Super League groups announced


Demoted from the upper tier at the end of last season Debub Police, Mekelakeya and Dedebit the top seeds, Super League new season group members became official on Tuesday. Three groups each with sixteen sides’ a total of 48 teams are taking part in the 2019/20 Super league season from which the top finishers of the groups to secure promotion.
Top seed Dedebit leading the pack group (A) brings together: Soloda Adwa, Semen-Shoa, Axum, Legetafo-Legedadi, Electric, Dessie, Federal Police, Gelan, Akaki, Woldiya and Wello-Kombolcha. Second season at Super League Electric and newly relegated Dedebit are expected to become strong promotion contenders.
Relegated side Debub Police the top seed, Group(B )is comprised of Kolfe-Keranyo, Kirkos, Hambericho, Halaba, Ecasco, Negele, Yeka, Wolayta-Sodo, Dilla and former premier league duos Medin and Addis Ababa Town. The promotion battle is likely to be between freshly relegated side Debub Police and financially strong team Ethiopia Medin.
Promotion favorite Mekelakeya the top seed, group (C) brings together Gamo-Chencha, Batu-Town, Arbaminch, Nekemet, Selete-Werabe, Bench-Maji, Kembata-Shinshicho, Shashemene, AbaBuna, Keffa-Jimma and Butajera Town. One of the most travelled Coach in Ethiopia Zelalem Shiferaw have signed nearly a whole new squad therefore thje hottest favorite to win the group. Former Premier League sides Arbaminch and Jimma AbaBuna are the one much expected to mount strong promotion contention.