Cepheus Capital invests in Tabor ceramics


Cepheus Growth Capital Partners announced an investment into Tabor Ceramics Products Share Company, Ethiopia’s leading domestic producer of ceramic products.
With this investment, Cepheus Capital will hold a significant minority ownership stake and provide strategic, managerial, and operational support to the company. Tabor Ceramics, based in Hawassa, is in the midst of a major expansion to increase all four of its main product offerings, which include tiles, sanitaryware, tableware and ceramic insulators used in electricity distribution lines.
The equity investment by Cepheus Capital will support the company’s planned expansion and also help launch the production of new higher quality and higher value product line being manufactured in Ethiopia for the first time.
Teshome Belamo, whose family owns Tabor Ceramics, said they are excited with the partnership with Cepheus. “We are excited to partner with Cepheus Capital as we are at the beginning of a major factory expansion and are also aiming to improve our management systems and internal operations to be in line with international standards. We have a very close alignment with the team at Cepheus Capital and look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”
Cepheus Capital’s Managing Partner Berhane Demissie also said that they invested in the company because of the bright future. “We see Tabor Ceramics as a promising investment opportunity that is very much aligned with the growth trends and trajectory of the Ethiopian economy—including urbanization, infrastructure expansion, and the rising numbers of middle-class consumers. The company has seen growing demand for its products in recent years, and we anticipate this will continue over the coming years, reflecting large on-going housing developments as well as the expansion of the country’s electricity network. The mix of products manufactured by the company—covering retail, residential, commercial and industrial customers—also offers multiple growth and diversification opportunities.”
Tabor Ceramics is a well-positioned import-substituting business that can replace a range of ceramic-made products currently supplied almost exclusively via imports.
Cepheus Capital is a private equity firm that invests in Ethiopia’s most promising businesses and entrepreneurs. Besides providing capital, the firm also delivers management and operational expertise to its portfolio companies, and assists them in the adoption of strong environmental, social and governance standards. Cepheus Capital is finalizing the fund-raising for its first USD 100 million fund that will be deployed across the manufacturing, agro-processing and service sectors.