EnDev new phase for Energizing Ethiopia project


Energizing development (EnDev) launches the third phase of energizing Ethiopia and energy solution for displacement setting project. The project will stay from 2019-2022 with 9.4million Euro budget. EnDev Ethiopia promotes household electrification through hydro power plants, by providing technical assistance and introducing appropriate low-cost designs for hydro power, solar and stoves. Give technical advice and training, policy and financial support, for private and governmental firms on the energy sector.
The country project trains local scouts to promote hydro power and assist municipalities in identifying and developing suitable sites for new plants in rural areas as well as old water mills that can be rehabilitated and upgraded. EnDev provides financial resources to cover parts of the investment costs. EnDev energizing projects implement in five regions of the country including the central.
Social Institutions, households and small to medium sized enterprises are beneficiary from access to electricity and modern cooking energy of the project. EnDev Ethiopia ICS) has been working to reduce fuel consumption by raising awareness and establishing other mines of energy such as building network of stove producers.
The joint action focuses on equipping social institutions with solar power, upgrading water mills to micro-hydropower plants and strengthening local markets for solar lanterns, improved cookstoves and biomass briquettes. With the additional funding from the EU Delegation to Ethiopia and EnDev core donors, lower income households, social institutions and small & medium-sized enterprises in Ethiopia will gain better access to energy from renewable sources.
Endev Ethiopia phase one implemented from 2005 up to 2009, and phase two 2010 – 2020. Since 2005, up to 2017 with Euro 34 million budget repots shows 1.4 million people have gained access to modern cooking energy and further 395,000 people now have access to electricity. 562 social institutions and 3,200 enterprises have been supplied with modern energy through EnDev.
The Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity is the lead partner of the project. Other national partners of EnDev Ethiopia include the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the Ministry of Health and of Education as well as the Regional Energy Bureaus.
The Energizing Development partnership is a joint impact oriented global program facilitating self-sustaining markets for modern energy solutions, financed by six donor countries. It cooperates with governments, NGOs and the private sector in 25 partner countries in 15 Africa, four Latin America and six Asia. The European Union (EU) support provides solutions for a wide range of demands in Ethiopia. The support will be directed towards developing and growing the market for modern for modern renewable energy technologies and services as well as energy efficiency solutions. The implementation of energizing program started in 2005, with initial objective of facilitating sustainable and modern energy accesses to 3.1 million people in developing countries.
Ethiopia is endowed with abundant renewable energy resources with an enormous potential for electricity generation. Nevertheless, it is one of the lowest energy consuming countries in the world. In 2012, only about 26Pct of its 94 million inhabitants had access to electricity. Form the approximately 70Pct of the population lived in the rural areas around 5Pct are had the accesses. This seriously limits the country’s potential for economic growth and social development.