EU funded Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) programme launched


The EU funded Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) programme with the value of 20 million Euros is launched in Jigjiga town of Somali regional state. The programme aims to support the Government of Ethiopia to shift from a ‘care and maintenance’ or camp-based model of refugee assistance to an approach, which emphasises refugee self-reliance, refugee mobility in-country and the integration of refugees into regional and national development processes.
The overall objective of the programme is to ease pressure on Ethiopia as a major host country for refugees and increase refugee self-reliance by fostering sustainable, integrated solutions for both refugees and host communities in Ethiopia in response to their developmental needs and aspirations.
While socio-economic opportunities are assessed and developed and beneficiaries acquire relevant skills and support to enhance their economic and job opportunities, the action will support the transition of targeted refugees into local structures by including them into the national safety net scheme, the Urban Productive Safety Net Program (UPSNP), via an earmarked contribution to the PSNP and taking due account of the need to ensure equal treatment of refugees and members of the host community.