Saturday, July 13, 2024



Almost all nation states, as components of the global interstate system, depend on lies for their very survival. Yes, blatant and outright lies sustain the global status quo. The global status quo is anchored on the rigid and unflinching doctrine of accumulation. Everything else is secondary, including life itself. Accumulation at any cost and by all means necessary is the driving force behind the current monolithic interstate system. The prevailing world system, in its very essence, still remains unsustainable and antilife! Unless the better part of humanity stands up to this antique worldview, demise is inevitable. Stupid fixations like ‘infinite growth on a finite planet’ and soul destroying ‘meaningless consumerism’, need to be interrogated, particularly by the global sheep (human mass)!
Given our increased understanding of natural processes, one would think humanity would be more humble and cautious in its dealings with the planet’s ecosystem. Instead, our psychopathic/sociopathic elites running the global system continue to intentionally neglect the obvious consequences that were brought about by modernity’s complex societal organization. The continuous project of leveraging science and technology to manipulate nature and subjugate humans, (all over the planet) is hitting the wall, despite establishment rhetoric. The techno-sphere has already developed its own rationale for existence as well as reproduction, and might not be manageable by mere mortals going forward. It is advisable to reflect on studies that have repeatedly pointed out the fragility of complex societies. In fact, almost all studies conducted so far have reached same conclusion: All complex societies will ultimately collapse! Such findings force us to study and revisit the foundational principles of the existing order!
Externalization of costs, in other word, the built-in system of wasteful production, is one major irrational obsession’s of modernity. Innate ‘human greed’ and the ‘rational individual’ are ideas that are woven into the modus operandi of the existing order. How is it possible for species, particularly those who have been communal for eons, like the Homo sapiens, to continue to evolve and flourish without significant cooperation from within and without? By cooperation we certainly don’t mean the subjugation of the collective will to the whim of the individual. Obviously, entrenched interest and their tricksters use all sorts of seductive/sophisticated tricks to tell us otherwise. Why should the whim of an individual override/subjugate the efforts of the collective, which has more at stake in the survival of the species than the delicate individual (prone to mental sickness and more) organism? We admit; the consequences of ‘rational individualism’ might not be perceptible to the uninitiated, but it underlies the current theory of modern economics. Needless to say, this archaic ideology that anchors the existing system is also the one that is fuelling the even more distorted version of capitalism, namely crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is now at the heart of the global system. We reiterate: old form of productive capitalism is no more, and has been systemically undermined by speculative finance-financialization. Recall; it is the parasites and not the workers, who are benefiting from collapsing senile order.
This current mode of existence, which came about (relatively) recently, is thoroughly unsustainable. As a result, lies, lies and more lies are needed to sustain/maintain it. Once we are very clear as to the real intent of the greed/ destruction based world system, we can understand why the system has to rely on continuous lies for its reproduction. Again, our modern African elites, who are made to measure by the malicious global order, have been instrumental in (literally) destroying our indigenous proclivity for organic thinking and living. Tying to install (society wide) numbing consumption, based on inequity, is one of their stupid objectives. Forging creative alternatives is not on their agenda. Our elite’s motto seems to be; ‘monkey see monkey do’ and not monkey trying to create a new form of comprehensive social organization, away from existing polarization and unsustainability!
Some label this column left, while others think it is right. These days and frankly speaking, we cannot tell left from right. What we consistently try to do however is tell the truth, against all odds! Of course, those who are trying to preserve the global status quo do not welcome such efforts in truth telling. Even though more resilient developmental trajectories are urgently needed, unfortunately, the general public’s collective attitude is still to go along with the status quo and repeat more of the same. Here are few well-considered perspectives, seemingly from opposing political spectrum! See Smith’s article next column and others on page 42.
And if the cloud bursts thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.
Brain Damage, Pink Floyd. Good Day!

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