Meta Abo Brewery partners with Sebeta Ketema Football club

Meta Abo Brewery, a Diageo subsidiary, with senior executives from Sebeta Ketema Football club, announced they will be signing a contract for a sport sponsorship agreement with the football club at intercontinental hotel. At the press conference, the company’s Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Manager Dagmawi Shewangezaw said, “the sponsorship is part of our continuous support to the Sebeta community and the growth of sport in Ethiopia.” The sponsorship is worth a total amount of 18.5 million birr throughout a four-year contract. The first-year budget is 3.5 million birr, followed by 3 million birr on second year, third year 4 million birr and 4 million birr for the final year. Each year, Meta Abo brewery will also handover different fan club items which are then going to be sold by the club to further support the Sebeta ketema Football club and the fans. The in-kind support will also continue throughout the rest of the 3 years of sponsorship and is estimated to be 4 million birr. The first phase of the sponsorship will be invested on maintenance work of the club’s playing field. Meta Abo Brewery will ensure the field is maintained properly including the earthwork excavation, fertilizer placement, seeding and grass maintenance. Meta Abo Brewery’s Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Dagmawi, in his interview, said “As the Ethiopian Premier League has grown in popularity, we have been closely looking at the growing fan base, drive and passion that Ethiopian people have towards Football, and this is a good opportunity to support not only the Sebeta ketema Football Club but also the Ethiopian Premier League to the fulfillment and Joy of passionate supporters all over the country.”
The Sebeta Ketema Football Club Super Intendant, Behanu Bekele, said “the support of Meta Abo Brewery S.C. came just at the right time and, we believe, the sponsorship will help the team to grow and become a contender to the premier league title.” Meta beer is one of the most iconic brands in Ethiopia with great history and deep heritage around the Sebeta community. For years, the relationship the brand built with the community and the different community projects to give back to the society is something Meta is very proud of. The Water for Life project that provides clean water for all living around the brewery, the community School class room expansion, the road construction around the brewery and the shed construction to support the youth are some of the projects that are helping the brewery to further strength partnership with the community. The first phase of the renovation of the Club’s stadium has already started this month and is scheduled to be completed within two months.

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