Saturday, April 13, 2024

Could Samson Ayele be first sacked?


Reveling what had been in the shadow for months, Samson Ayele appeared to be on the verge of walking out of Sehul Shere in the near future. The 4-1away defeat to Sidama Town followed by a 3-0 home defeat to cross town rival Welwalo-Adigrat, Samson Ayele became the favorite Coach to get sacked in the new premier league new season.
According to sources close to the club it is not only the two consecutive defeats but revealing the secret that Sehul is short of money to manage the players is what is considered the cardinal sin.
When Sehul run away with 1-0 home win over Ethiopia Town on the season’s opening day fixture, Samson proudly told reporters that his team is in good shape although finding targets was the real problem on which they are to work hard in the future. Then the shocking 4-1 defeat at the hands of Sidama Town, Samson spilled off the the secret that he is more of a peace maker than a coach for many of the players are worried for their monthly wage.
Many believed that the former Harar Birra coach has done a great job at Shere but for the club’s problem in paying the players’ wage. The 3-0 home defeat to in top form Welwalo despite fielding all four of his foreign players is said to be the last straw that the committee was waiting to see him off. It is hard to believe a club capable of spending millions in foreign players to be short of money just three matches in to the new season.
According to sources Samson’s stay at the club is limited for he disclosed the secret the club’s budget have already gone in the preseason players’ signing fiesta. He was supposed to struggle for the result quietly. But he broke the taboo therefore he will soon find himself unemployed,” one critic suggested.

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