ESLSE issued bid again to buy 150 trucks


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistic Services Enterprise (ESLSE) canceled the bid to procure 150 units of trucks stating the companies that participated in the technical evaluation are below their expectation.
At the beginning of the budget year the logistics enterprise floated an international bid to buy 150 of 6×4 truckers and 4 axle cargo semi-trailers.
The bid which attracted 14 companies including one local, was canceled due to the number of companies that fit the technical evaluation are lower than the bid requirement.
The bid was opened last December, while the technical evaluation started on December 17, 2019.
According to Wondimu Denbu, Deputy CEO of the Enterprise for Corporate Service at ESLSE, 14 companies participated on the bid and two of them failed on the primal evaluation.
“The 12 companies passed for the second step that is the technical evaluation,” he told Capital. However as Wondimu stated, the bid is canceled because there is only one company which passes the technical evaluation.
“At least three eligible bidders were expected to pass the technical evaluation and to go to the other step that is the financial evaluation,” the Deputy CEO explained.
He said that the sole multimodal operator in the country forced to issue fresh international bid that is already floated this week.
A couple of months ago the enterprise postponed the opening of the bid in relation with the issue of axle load standard of Ethiopia that is consulted by Ethiopian Roads Authority and Ministry of Transport. ESLSE was requested to import 4 axle load capacity truck that is not allowed in the country. In the current condition Ethiopia allowed tri axle that means the combination of three axles.
On the latest bid announcement ESLSE expressed its interest to buy 6×4 track truckers and 4 axle cargo semi-trailers that are trucks with drive train of three axles and 4 axle trucks with two front axles and driven rear axles.
As per the country’s law the maximum axle load allowed is 58 tones, but mostly trucks in the country load 40 tones.
Beside the 150 trucks the state logistics enterprise is also in the process to procure 15 units of RoRo trucks that carry small cars, and ten unites of low-bed semi trailer trucks, according to Wondimu.
Eight companies have participated to supply 15 units of car carriers and nine companies for the low-bed trucks, while only a single company passes the technical evaluation of the two bids same as the previous one.
Currently ESLSE has about 440 trucks including the 215 trucks, from one of the popular brand Renault Trucks, a French automotive company. Since they are recently bought the Renault trucks are high quality, but the others are not in good condition, according to experts.
Besides the 215 Renault trucks that were purchased about four years ago the enterprise had a collection of 230 that came from different organizations when the enterprise was formed under amalgamation of the Ethiopian Shipping Lines, the Dry Port Services Enterprise and the Maritime and Transit Services in 2012.
“The trucks are very old and as per our current study 123 trucks will be removed during the current budget year. After one trip to Djibouti they have to go to maintenance, which is not economical for the enterprise,” Wondimu said.
ESLSE is also leasing trucks from private transporters besides using its own. In the past budget year ESLSE, which is one of the mega public enterprises tabled on the latest privatization process on partial sales, has earned 1.7 billion birr.
In the current budget year the enterprise has targeted to transport 7.5 million tons in commodities, which was 4.5 million tons in the past budget year.