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Djiboutian business delegation keen on investment opportunities


A high level delegation comprised Djiboutian business community visits business destinations and potentials in Oromia region and formed a joint committee to solve problems.
The delegation that was led by Youssouf Mousa Dawaleh, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti (CCD) , visited industrial parks based in Oromia region and the Mojo Dry Port on its three days visit concluded by a discussion held on Saturday January 25 at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel.
Chaltu Sani, Vice President of Oromia region, who co-chaired the discussion with CCD president, said that the aim of the visit and discussion is to boost the relationship, investment and tackle contraband business that affects both sides.
It has been recalled that a delegation led by Shimelis Abdisa, Vice President of Oromia region, visited Djibouti in the second week of December, 2019 and the latest Djiboutian visit is the continuation of that by the invitation of the region leader, according to the CCD President.
“Our visit is to meet and discuss on several issues with the business community and authorities in the region. The very gist of the visit was seeing the way to strengths link between the two business communities in different areas,” Youssouf Mousa Dawaleh told Capital.
According to Youssouf Mousa, both sides have common interest and joint business development and the current visit shall put clear vision regarding that.
Several issues have been discussed mainly on the export of khat, fruits and vegetable and coffee.
“There are some members who were already ready to invest in several activities and we hope that we will conclude this with a permanent joint committee formed between the two sides,” Youssouf Mousa said.
Chaltu told Capital that Djibouti is the closest ally of Ethiopia and for the region specifically since most of the export commodities to Djibouti are produced in Oromia.
“The product of our farmers is exported to the country but with past bad practices in the region they are not getting adequate benefit compared with their production,” she said.
According to the Vice President, a study undertaken by the region indicated that the farmers were only benefiting 8 percent from the khat business, which indicates that how the contraband business damages both.
“The contraband was the major challenge for the area, however we have formed a joint committee that will tackle the problem,” she added.
Abdourahman Elmi Ismael, first secretary of CCD and chair of the joint committee formed by the two sides, said that the Ethiopian investment policy is improving these days.
Some of the Djiboutian investors, who are considered as Ethiopian national based on Ethiopian law, are already interested to invest in the region.
Abdourahman Elmi told Capital that the delegation actors expressed their interest to invest in Ethiopia.
“The Ethiopian law that considers Djiboutian as Ethiopian is something very important for Djiboutian but we have to develop that and encourage and inform people about that since most of our people don’t know that,” he added.
Payment issues for transit companies in Djibouti, export items quality were part of the concerns raised at the joint committee meeting that was held at the final day of the visit.

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