Cup of Excellence (COE) Ethiopia calls upon participants to submit coffee samples


Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority and the USAID-funded Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity issued a last call for the submission of coffee samples for Cup of Excellence. Cup of Excellence is a competition and award for high quality coffees, and Ethiopia is holding the competition in May 2020. The competition brings a lot of benefits to the winning farms and the coffee sector of host countries. Organizers of the competition have finalized their preparation to accept coffee samples and they are issuing a call to coffee producers, washing stations, unions, cooperatives, exporters and anyone in the coffee sector to deliver their coffee samples from 3-7 February 2020 to the designated centers in Hawssa, Jimma, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa.
Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious coffee competition and auction held to identify the highest quality coffees produced. Ethiopia will hold the competition in May 2020 for the first time after 20 years of the start of the competition. Global organizers of COE are looking forward to the competition in Ethiopia because they are aware of the country’s potential to produce the best flavor ever. Winners of the competition receive considerably higher prices for their quality coffees. The event is a major boon for the Ethiopian coffee industry, providing an international platform to promote Ethiopian coffee and creating new market opportunities for producers. ”All concerned enteritis should take advantage of the opportunity as the competition will help participants not only to earn a better income but also make a real difference in their lives,’ says Dr. AdugnaDeblela, the General Director of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority. The competition is open to all Ethiopian farmers– large, small, estate, cooperative, private, public or washing stations. “The competition provides an equal opportunity for all producers to promote the best quality coffee that they have,” says Ian Chesterman, Chief of party of the USAID-Feed the Future Value Chain Activity.