Coca-Cola announce launch of Schweppes Novida Pineapple


The Coca-Cola Company announced the official launch of Schweppes Novida Pineapple, a refreshing, new non-alcoholic, malt based beverage, with a uniquely crafted pineapple flavour, for the first time in Ethiopia.

Coca-Cola held a launch event at Marriott Hotel in Addis Ababa, through a fashion extravaganza featuring top Ethiopian designers to commemorate the remarkable occasion.

Schweppes Novida is the perfect alternative for non-alcoholics and the ultimate mixer for those that indulge in alcohol. The unveiling of Schweppes Novida Pineapple beverage portrays the company’s continued investment efforts to bring innovative and new products to provide more choices for consumers in the country.

When asked about the launch of their new Schweppes product, Coca-Cola’s Managing Director Daryl Wilson said, “At Coca-Cola, we are dedicated to the continuous innovation of our products to meet the growing demands and beverage preferences of consumers.”

The launch of Schweppes Novida Pineapple is a significant milestone for Coca-Cola in Ethiopia as the company strives to introduce the first fruit-flavoured, non-alcoholic premium malt drink to the Ethiopian market.


The Coca-Cola brand manager, Tigist Getu stated, “We are very happy to bring Novida Pineapple to the Ethiopian market and we are confident that consumers will love the new great-tasting, malt beverage”.

In conjunction with the launch event, the Coca-Cola Company will conduct an integrated multi-media marketing campaign to promote Schweppes Novida Pineapple, including product sampling to consumers to try the new malt beverage.