Saturday, April 13, 2024

Abay announces success of its promotion


Abay Bank announced that the bank has benefited from its one month long campaign of promotion. The bank is also working to promote itself through different mechanisms. Starting from January 20, 2020, the bank is campaigning to promote the different services it gives to its customers.
To enhance its growth the bank is involved in various ground breaking activities according to Belete Dagnachew Vice President of Corporate Services at the bank. “The one month promotion has resulted in good feedbacks on promoting the services of the bank and increase the number of customers and deposit account,” the Vice president stated.
According to Belete, developing and providing customer centric products to enhance the quality is crucial for the sustainable growth of the bank. “The bank is also working to start bill payment and e-payment,” added Belete.
Chirstian Kassa, Business Development and Communication Director of the bank said that Abay is under the process of negotiation with the government to start bill payment, which the service is being given only at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
The one month campaign of promoting Abay was all over the country by using different promotion methods including media, small sheds in different sides of the county, brochures and using incentives for those who came with foreign currency.
Abay Bank also managed to mobilize a deposit of 1.9 billion birr in the last six month of the current fiscal year.
Abay Bank was established nine years ago, since 2010 until now Abay has been providing five basic products giving 17 different financial services within them. Currently the bank has around 220 branches all over the country. In the last fiscal year 2018/19 Abay has reported a 63 percent rise in its net profit to 683 million birr. The total asset of the bank has also increased to 17 billion birr.

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