Total introduce new lubricant packaging


Total Ethiopia Share Company introduced a new dynamic lubricant pack for the first time in Ethiopia. The new lubricant package will provide all total branded automotive lubricants with innovative and premium design incorporating anti-counterfeiting features and improved labels and utility.
This new dynamic lubricant pack portrays performance at first sight; a rejuvenated, simpler and more compelling range. The major package upgrading is attributing to small package ranges unparalleled performance of automotive lubricant formulation and technology will remain intact.
“The new label design is inspired by the dashboard of a car. This concept was validated by a major market study as innovative and customer-centric, helping the product stand out significantly from its competitors. This major package upgrade is attributed to small package ranges unparalleled performance of automotive lubricants formulations and technology will remain intact,” according to Total Ethiopia.
The main features and benefits of the new dynamic lubricant packs include, new side handle that makes the can handy and easier to carry with new innovative & premium design that captures, Enhanced product recovery with a more preferment can, strong brand impact & immediate product line, visibility QR code that authenticates the product, Enlarged viscosity grade.
Total Ethiopia will soon celebrate its seventy years’ of service in Ethiopia. TOTAL Ethiopia was established in 1950 as a petroleum product distribution company, Lubricants of Total are produced in 41 plants worldwide and with more than 5,800 employees in 150 countries. It is also indicated that lubricants of Total offer innovative, efficient and environmentally responsible services developed by more than 130 researchers and research and development center.