xarvio introduces new FIELD MANAGER features for 2020


BASF’s digital farming product xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER saw a robust 2019, supporting the crop production of over two million hectares of farmed fields of more than 16,000 farmers globally. Based on extensive customer feedback, xarvio is now introducing new features for 2020. These include field-zone specific nutrient management including timing and dosing, application maps with automatically integrated buffer zones as well as wireless machine connectivity. Furthermore, new functions were launched to allow farmers and their advisors to better collaborate directly in xarvio FIELD MANAGER. All new features are available on mobile devices for farmers worldwide.
The new features of xarvio FIELD MANAGER complement an already robust service, which includes field-zone-specific real-time information, such as detailed growth stages of crops and mobile alerts on field-specific risk status for diseases and pests based on risk models market tested for 25 years.
The latest features of xarvio FIELD MANAGER will become available to users in East Africa when the application is rolled out in the region at a later date. In 2019, BASF introduced xarvio™ SCOUTING in Ethiopia. xarvio™ SCOUTING is a mobile application that determines weeds, classifies and counts insects in the yellow trap, recognizes diseases, analyses leaf damage, crop emergence analysis and shows the nitrogen uptake. The solution will be available in Kenya later this year.
In 2019, xarvio FIELD MANAGER helped farmers to achieve higher returns on investments on their fields. For example, in 2017/2018, European farmers who protected their wheat fields against diseases based on xarvio FIELD MANAGER recommendations, achieved on average €32 per hectare more than farmers using the standard protection regimen with three fungicide applications. “It was amazing to see how many farmers embraced digital farming for the first time in 2019 and were convinced by the results after the season. Seeing the higher profitability and time savings for our customers encourages us to continue developing our digital crop production optimization algorithms,” explained Joseph Allendorf, Product Manager for xarvio FIELD MANAGER.
Andree-Georg Girg, Global Head Commercial Operations Digital Farming at BASF, added: “Together with xarvio’s growing number of products and services, we aim to transform the landscape of digital farming even further in 2020 and continue to bring profitability and a more sustainable farming environment to farmers.”
With xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS, the company will bring its newest product into the market starting in Germany in 2020 with more countries to follow. Using xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS, customers get a full-service field-zone specific disease management with a health guarantee for crops. “The recommended crop protection strategy of xarvio FIELD MANAGER will be carried out by an experienced contractor. The farmer is relieved of complex work and can follow every single step transparently. If the disease-related leaf damages on a field at the end of a season are greater than agreed in advance, the farmer will receive compensation,” said Girg.