Friday, June 14, 2024

Ethiopia ranked 12th in Travelers cool list 2020


Ethiopia is selected among one of the coolest place to be visited by the UK based National Geographic Traveler List 2020, highlighting the 20 must-see destinations for the year 2020.The list puts Ethiopia 12th among the world.
The list is posted in a joint collaboration of the editorial teams of National Geographic Traveler’s, 17 other international editions and globe-trotting experts who are entitled to report and pick the planet’s 20 most exciting destinations to see for the year 2020.
Ethiopia, Namibia and Egypt are included in the list among African countries in National Geographic published “Traveler’s Cool List” for 2020.
The selected destinations in the listed countries have a unique story to tell and Ethiopia, among others, offers tours aimed at shining a light on its striking traditions.
Travellers traditionally come to seek out the ancient rock churches of Gheralta and Lalibela, but several tour companies, including Wild Frontiers, are branching out to offer tours of the Omo Valley with visits to tribes including the Mursi, famous for their lip plates.
Growing faster than anywhere else in Africa, reads the article published by National Geographic, green, mountainous Ethiopia is one of the most exciting places to visit in Africa, if not the entire world.
Things continue to develop in Ethiopia and there are new tours, improved safety and tourism trade that’s essentially top the country reads the article.
However tourism experts criticize the government’s efforts in boosting the tourism and ask to invest more.
“Luck of effecting marketing, limited investment for the sector, weak development of destination areas is a few among many,” said Alemayehu Minwuylet, who teaches at Gonder University.
According to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ethiopia receives more than 1.2 million tourists annually generating more than 2.8 billion dollars.
According to Alemayehu, Ethiopia remains as an unknown tourist destination to travelers of the world despite the existence of many tangible and intangible heritage including historical sites, and he urges all stake holders pay due attention.

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