Italy and Ethiopia sign an agreement on riverside development project in Addis Ababa


The Ambassador of Italy Arturo Luzzi and the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia Admasu Nebebe signed an agreement on Riverside Development Project in Addis Ababa, worth 5 Million Euros, in the framework of the “Beautifying Sheger project” launched by the Ethiopian Government. Italy intends to contribute to the efforts of the Ethiopian Government aimed at promoting a fully sustainable development of the Country with a positive impact on mitigation of climate change and enhancement of local communities.
In related development the two also signed five bilateral agreements concerning technical and financial assistance for a total amount of 28.7 Million Euros.
The five implementing agreements are focused on the agro-industrial development, on strengthening the health system with special attention given to gender and nutrition component, on urban natural resources management, on education and job creation.