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Football live scores of season in England 

It is no longer a secret that the status of all football championships is suspended. The Times, an authoritative English newspaper, told its readers o futbol live score, as well as in what key the whole season of the EPL will run in a constantly changing environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Football live score for fans from England:

  1. Everybody who has a seasonal ticket or a ticket for specific League match can watch them at home without any problems.
  2. Pubs stop broadcasting all football matches to prevent a large crowd of people in one place.
  3. English Premier League matches will not be broadcast live (15:00 London time).
  4. Official English Premier League broadcasters are allowed to show only one match on Saturday afternoon, as well as Sunday and Monday (no scheduled time).

The main precaution is a ban on attending football matches. This prevents a large crowd of people, which should stop the virus from spreading more strongly. Despite such strict measures, the organizers of the championship promise that as long as there is no talk about a complete ban on EPL, all games in the current season will be played.

News and champions league scores

All the national championships are on pause, so all the hopes are on the Champions League. Despite the panic with the coronavirus and the possible end of the season, the football games in the Champions League continue and you can already see the champions league scores . Matches are still scheduled ahead, so it’s worth following closely the sports events so as not to miss the game of your favorite team.

Champions league scores:

  1. Match on March 10: RB Leipzig vs Tottenham (3-0).
  2. Match on February 25: Chelsea vs Bayern (0:3).
  3. Match on February 25: Napoli vs Barcelona (1-1).
  4. Match on February 26: Real vs Manchester City (1-2).
  5. Match on February 26: Lyon vs Juventus (1-0).

The important news about the games came quite recently, UEFA will soon announce the news about the Champions League and EL. The new format of the games will be approved on Tuesday immediately after the meeting.

Not everyone is happy to have to play without an audience. The reason for many people to do their job is because of the people in the stands. If they cannot come to the game of their favorite team, then the show itself makes no sense. That’s what Josep Guardiola’s Manchester City coach says. Many athletes, although they recognize the necessity of the measures taken by senior management regarding the virus epidemic, but are not satisfied with them.


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