The Covid-19 virus is creating havoc all over the human world. Plenty of analyses, theories, including conspiracies, are attempting to explicate the origin as well as the rapid transmission of the declared pandemic. Whatever the cause for its worldwide distribution or wherever its very the origin is, the underlying global system, which facilitates this and many other unpalatable conditions must be acknowledged by all humanity. The modern world system, which began around the time of European settlement in the Americas, is a very complex system, hence, fragile! Therefore, besides the current calamity, there remain many unexamined and disruptive scenarios that must be revealed to the unsuspecting sheeple (human mass)!
If truth be told, the MSM (Main Stream Media) is not interested in enlightening or revealing facts/truth that are not to the liking of global dominant interests. Don’t forget; it is the corporations and their facilitators-the modern states, that own and control the MSM. In the scheme of things (in the modern world) the general welfare of the sheeple is not a priority to the ruling elites. In the make believe world of the MSM, facilitated by the modern plutocratic states, critical issues, which are detrimental to human existence, are not given prominence. For instance, the fact that the world economy is facing a protracted global depression, unseen and unheard, probably in the history of all humanity, is not thoroughly elaborated by the MSM! It is in light of this that one must be clear and very wary about the currently unfolding situation. To be sure, the Covid-19 pandemic is not the cause of the global economic collapse! The global depression has been reverberating in the world economy since the 2007 financial crisis. The status quo now wants to put all the blame for global economic contraction on Covic-19. See the articles next column, on pages 33,36 & 38.
The pandemic is used as a smokescreen to cover the gross criminal activities of the global dominant interests, which are gradually coming to the fore. The 2007 Global Financial Crisis (GLC) will pale in comparison to what is unfolding today. The GLC was labeled (by the establishment) as a crisis of the housing bubble (subprime loans). The ongoing crisis of today might well be called ‘the corporate debt crisis’. However, since the current global collapse is caused by numerous bubbles, it should appropriately be called, ‘the everything bubble crisis’! Again, the whole trick concocted by the MSM and its handlers, is to make sure the global sheeple is focused only the Covid-19 and not on the ongoing global economic Armageddon. Even the oil crisis or the battle between the giant producers, is only a symptom of the chronic crisis underlying the world order. Any body who follows global economic activities is aware of the corporate hype of ‘share buybacks’. Managers of huge corporations access plenty of loans, with literally zero interest rate, and buy the corporation’s own shares from the equity market, with the intention of enriching themselves at the cost of burdening the corporation with massive loans. For example, Boeing managers bought $100 billion (USD) worth of company’s shares from the market, using loans that accrue no interest, literally. Today, Boeing is on the verge of bankruptcy and has openly asked the US government to bail it out. The sad thing about such blatant fraud is; once great companies like Boeing were forced to succumb to the moronic machinations/objectives of the bean counters, while its brilliant engineers/scientists were sidelined. Result; shoddy aircrafts that go by the name 737-Max. Pathetic!
The parasitic economic system that is financialization, still wants to be bailed out, after decimating productive enterprises like Boeing. This time the sheeple must rise up with its pitchfork and deal with corporate criminals as well as their facilitators in governments. The guillotine must be oiled in preparation for the showdown. The Kingdom of Saudi Kingdom might lend a helping hand in that department. Time to call a spade a spade. Crony capitalism must be destroyed without mercy. Capitalism has died a long time ago, especially in the industrially advanced countries of the system. What prevails there is crony capitalism under the political leadership of kleptocracy. Its logic is ‘socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor’! When things go bad, it is always the criminal elements of the system that are bailed out, while the innocents lose their shirts as well as their dignity. This holds true everywhere, including in the poorer countries of the system, like Ethiopia!
“How is that capitalism? To have the government artificially suppress interest rates so that companies can borrow money for below free-market rates, use it to manipulate their own share price, and then when it comes crashing down, then the government bails them out. There is nothing about this that is anything like capitalism. These are not free markets. These markets are rigged by the government.” Peter Schiff. Good Day!