Derege Tesfaye took the helm at St George


With Derege Tesfaye popularly known Angete taking over care taker Coach and senior coaching staffs Zerihun Shengeta and Asamenew G/Wold named Coaches to U-20 and U-17 teams, things appeared to get calmer at St George.
Credited to bring alight number of young talents while Coaching St George youth teams, the humble yet hard working Dereje’s appointment as provisional Coach at the senior team considered the ideal choice to bring peace and calm at the club. “He maybe a low profile personality but no one to question his integrity and professionalism” one of the board members suggested.
In the meantime the former In the meantime former national team and St George assistant Coach Zerihun Shengeta and Asamenew G/Wold took over at the U-20 side a week after getting the boot from the back by the Board members. Considering their long time experience in coaching, it may be a good opportunity to prove them producing young talents. But the Board’s decision to kick them out is morally unacceptable.
A home grown boy at St George, Zerihun served more than a decade as a player then coming through the ranks of coaching for the last six years, kicking him out without ceremony is morally touching” one former player remarked.
Though the oldest and the most record as champions, St George is notorious for seeing off its long serving players including Ethiopian all-time greatest footballer Mengestu Worku. Six years and counting, St George had done nothing in memory of the legendary striker who even made a name at international level.