Make Sub-Saharan African Countries Poor Again


By Miheretab Wolde

Sub-Saharan African countries on the Nile basin are under a threat of a secret war, which aimed to deepen their level of poverty. This wicked operation is being led by Egypt as the main perpetrator with the support of various interest groups. The long list of such groups include corrupt sub-Saharan African politicians, mercenary liberation fronts, unethical journalists and press agencies, ill-informed countries that are boycotting sub-Saharan African investors and countries that stand against the coercion diplomacy, countries who wished to gain reciprocal diplomatic success, and shortsighted African leaders who compromise their national interest to engage in a proxy war. State agencies such as Egyptian foreign ministry which is designated to disseminate false propaganda and misleading information are the main players.
The corrupt sub-African politicians put their personal interests ahead of their nations’ national interests. This hidden illegal act in the past was disguised as partnership diplomacy and artificial development support. The strategy kept the status quo, that the Nile river always belonged to Egypt. This diplomacy turned many upstream countries to compromise their long term benefit and to stick with their domestic issues.Tanzania and Uganda can be good examples of these facts. Until recently, these two countries used to be advocates of the Egyptian Win-Loss approach to the use of the Nile river. The Tanzanian government should be commended for identifying corrupt government officials and taking appropriate measures. Nowadays, those two countries have started exercising their rights and work on collective Nile Basin visionary initiatives. However, conflict-prone nations like South Sudan, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are still under the control of this hideous tactic of Egypt.
Egypt has been playing a central role in recruiting, organizing, supporting, and scaling up liberation fronts’ groups which have been operating in various sub-Saharan African countries. Ethiopia is the primary victim of this hidden war. Egypt has always supported antagonist states, rebel groups and other militants’ against Ethiopia. The long-standing volatility in Ethiopia due to the ongoing civil wars and interstate wars, made the country to be one of the poorest countries in the world. This eventually made the country to be passive and act accordingly to the existing status quo of the Nile Basin colonial era treaty, which was solely based on a negative hegemony.
The government of Egypt spent much of its time on propagating false and misleading information on the issue of the Nile river. This tactic, mainly used to construct biased understanding around the issue and disseminating never ending false propaganda. This approach has been witnessed in the recent Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issues. The false information in relation to the dam has not only infected the entire members of the Arab league apart from Sudan, but also some of the developed nations.
It is hard to find a neutral journalist or press agency in the land of Egypt who stands for truth. A few days ago Egypt media as usual reported that Ethiopian community members in the diaspora showed support for Egypt in relation to the dam issue. They also indicated that the government of Kenya sided with Egypt as well. These are the typical deceptive misinformation that is being written and disseminated among the Egyptian public. These journalists are either corrupt, blindly biased, one sided or unethical. A professional journalist stands for truth, justice and cooperation; however, in recent few months the world witnessed how the Egyptian Media is filled with false propaganda.
Countries like Morocco are working with Egypt to sabotage investors in sub-Saharan African countries and investors in countries that stand on the justifiable principles and truth. In recent weeks, the Morocco government tried to boycott the Ethiopian born billionaire’s, Mohammed al-Amoudi, businesses that operate in its territory. Middle Eastern countries tried to pressure Sudan to change its stand related to the Nile dam. These countries along with Egypt work to stop and discourage investors from investing in countries like Ethiopia to make sure these nations remain the poorest of the poor.
Countries like the USA and Israel tried to advance their national interests at the expense of Ethiopia and Palestine. Nowadays, Trump and Egypt think that the ‘deal of the century’ could only be accomplished by using Ethiopia as their sacrificial lamb. Egypt is eager to legalize the colonial era agreement while Trump is eager to form his first major international deal of his presidency. Israel in its part, is eager to secure the whole Jerusalem. In the end, Egypt will ensure that the Middle East deal that’s being proposed by Trump, will gain the acceptance of the entire Arab League nations. This dirty politics is being unfolded to the entire world.
In the past Egypt used proxy wars to destroy the sub-Saharan Africa nations, but in recent times it is harder and harder to find a single country that’s willing to collaborate for the sake of Egypt’s gain at the expense of its citizens. The delegation war is an outdated tactic of the yesteryears. However, Egypt is still knocking at the doors of Ethiopian neighbors to wage proxy wars and pin down the entire region of the horn of African countries to deep poverty. For centuries, this has been the unwritten foreign policy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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