Korean companies donated medical masks


On April 3, the Korean Business Association and a Korean NGO, Good Neighbors, distributed a total of 40,000 medical masks to the federal government including the office of the Prime Minister, Airports, Office of the Addis Ababa City Administration and Regional governments. It is expected that the masks distributed to Addis Ababa and regional governments will be effectively delivered to workforces who are directly fighting against COVID-19 in Ethiopia.
In addition, Supporter’s Association for Korean War Veterans will donate masks to 138 elderly Korean War veterans and their families.
Taking this donation as a momentum, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ethiopia said that Korea appreciates the partnership which Ethiopia showed as the only country in Africa that dispatched a ground troop to the Korean War. It was also mentioned that both countries have been currently in a joint effort to fight the new enemy, COVID-19, to emerge victorious. It was also added that in order to prevail over COVID-19, it is required to have global alliance at an unprecedented level to coordinate activities and the Republic of Korea will be ready to share all relevant information and experiences with international partners.
The Embassy is also planning to provide Ethiopia with customized assistances including the provision of testing kits and quarantine equipment.