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The world of humanity has been gripped by fear and panic since the beginning of 2020, mostly on the account of Covid-19. As usual, the MSM (Main Stream Media) took over the task of narrating fear and panic in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to MSM, Covid-19’s alleged origin, its nature of propagation and transmission, its current prevalence, its severity, its future trajectories, etc., etc., all became the preoccupation of global humanity. Recall that MSM is literally owned by global dominant interests, namely transnational capital and its various surrogates, not excluding the nation-states themselves! The paid media or the MSM, which includes both the private media as well as the so-called state media, are not in the business of presenting facts/truths to the global sheeple (human mass). Their real mission is to facilitate the interests of transnational capital, nothing more nothing less!
Paid science has now entered the sphere of the dominated discourses. Unlike the olden days, science or ‘big science’ to be more precise, is also under the direct auspices of transnational capital and its surrogates. The primary concern of science/technology is to serve dominant interests, mostly via the corporations and the captured states. Science as an endeavor of dedicated individuals, with the clear intention of increasing knowledge, to ultimately lead humans to enlightenment, is hardly the purpose of science in late modernity. Unfortunately, imparting catchy notions without substantive scientific proof/facts seems to be one of the objectives of establishment science. This strategy is employed to make sure the global sheeple (human mass) is mesmerized into letting go of its basic common sense. For example, in the hands of paid science, astronomy/cosmology has been rendered more science fiction/Hollywood-esque than real science. Enter Covid-19. Currently, paid media along with paid science seem to have nothing else to talk about except Covid-19. Most of what is being conveyed and parroted by the establishment’s talking heads is useless and is intended to scare the hell out of the sheeple, so that the parasitic global elites can get away with murder!
Amongst the interests of transnational capital, the complete incorporation of the global sheeple into the world of ‘modern feudalism’ remains paramount. In this intended dystopia, it is only the 1% that will be allowed to own/control anything that can be considered significant (feudal lords), while the 99% are to remain toilers (serfs). In classical capitalism, labor was at least compensated with wages, however meager. In the old feudal system, the serfs were never considered wage earners. As far as the feudal lords were concerned, the serfs were nothing more than the other ‘beasts of labor’ toiling the land (ox, donkeys, etc.), hence had no regular remuneration! As the intention of the 1% is to implement a modern version of feudalism, where the global multitude becomes mere serfs, it is imperative for them to come up with protracted strategy to achieve this evil ambition. To this end, various means are being entertained. Is the Covid-19 project one of them?
To effect/implement a more polarizing world system, worse than what we have today, requires the help of a significant portion of the sheeple itself. This is where the ‘useful idiots’ come in, to use Lenin’s phrasing. Functionaries (both within the state as well as outside of it) at the service of transnational capital, devoid of critical reflections are now mobilized the world over. This group is not known for its integrity. By and large and as a group, it is very susceptible to blatant opportunism; think politicians! The gullible multitude, which is economically at a lower rung than the above useful idiots, tends to adhere to the logic of herd mentality. This social stratum is a sufficiently bamboozled collective lacking the capacity to perform complex and profound analyses on its own, hence, can be a very dangerous tool in the hands of determined psychopaths. Look at the global sheeple’s frenzy in regards to the current pandemonium. In our world system, the very few individuals who are well versed about the workings of the world and are also concerned about the wellbeing of life/ecosystem are systemically undermined. When things start to go awry and revolutionary spirits start to grip the sheeple’s imagination, it is these critical individuals that will be targeted for elimination by the power that be! Individuals like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden belong to this group. Whether we like it or not, it is people like them as well as other critical researchers, particularly in the realms of the hard sciences, that can tell us the difference between ‘pandemic’ and ‘plandemic’!
It light of all the above, the need of interrogating the prevailing narrative in regards to Covid-19 becomes the task at hand. Unfortunately, exaggerated fear and irrational panic seem to be the objectives of the paid media and the paid sciences. What the ‘deep state’ wants as an outcome/output from the Covid-19 mess is not altogether a mystery, but that is not our concern today. Here is one case to indicate the hidden agenda of the global power that be. The Swedes, as usual, have taken the calm and rational route towards the Covid-19 conundrum, and so far, results are encouraging. Yet, the MSM and paid science continue to blast them for not shutting down everything. The Swede’s policy is continuously portrayed as irresponsible. On the other hand, the majority of the nation-states, which obediently implement the diktat of the powerful, do not have much to show for, except numerous body bags on a daily basis. Unlike Sweden, herd immunity will not be available in many of these countries in the future, thereby inviting a rerun of what is going on today!
‘Little knowledge is dangerous’ said the old and wise. Taking the cue from them, we have tried to assemble alternative/independent views from the global scientific community. These days researchers, even in the hard sciences, are losing their independence. They have to toe the political line of big pharma and big science to secure grants/funding for their studies/researches. The various findings/views/opinions of world-class scientists who are not on the ‘pay’ of entrenched interests are printed on page 50 & 51. We start out with Prof. Wittkowski next column. “The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Albert Camus, The Plague (1947). Good Day!

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