Ethio-telecom has announced plans to improve its services beginning from tomorrow, April 16, 2020.


Firehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio-telecom, said the service improvement aims to limit the movement of people outside of their home and stem the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
According to her, the company will avail ‘Stay at Home Mobile Package’, ‘Stay Connected,’ and ‘Stay Active’ services as of tomorrow.
‘Stay at Home Mobile Package’ allows subscribers to make 30 minutes voice call locally for five birr, together with 20 free local text messages.
It also offers subscribers 100Mb internet service for five birr and 250Mb internet service for 10 birr, along-with 20 free local text messages.
‘Stay Connected’ services offers subscribers 300Mb internet service and 30 minutes local voice call for 15 birr, with 20 free local text messages , she said.
All the services will be available from 6am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon.
The state owned telecom provider also announced a donation of 100 million birr in support of the country’s effort to prevent the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.
“The organization will continue discharging its social responsibility” said the CEO.