Total Ethiopia donates 17 million birr to fight COVID-19


Avails 1 million birr worth of fuel to emergency responders

Total Ethiopia has allotted and deployed resources to develop and implement various projects to fight Covid 19 on a national scale. These projects are being implemented by creating a strategic partnership with concerned government authorities and stakeholders. Projects include producing and distributing 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizers (500 ml.) and donating 80,000 bottles of sanitizers worth 15 million birr to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport as well as 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to employees, fuel truck transporters and partners working with Total Ethiopia.
Total has also donated fuel worth 1 million birr through Total Cards to the frontline emergency ambulances and service vehicles of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) under the Ministry of Health. The company dedicated COVID-19 emergency fuel dispensing pumps for emergency service Ambulances to get fuel at fifty selected Total stations in Addis Ababa and major upcountry towns.
In addition Total Ethiopia donated 10,000 sanitary soaps worth 200,000 birr to be distributed to helpless elders, street boys and or selected NGOs like Mekedonia. Public hand washing facilities have been installed at fifteen Total stations and TQAS sites in Addis Ababa distributing soap and water to the community worth 150,000 birr.
In parallel, Total Ethiopia maintains its activities of fuel and lubricants supply throughout the country to its service stations and customer sites. With the aim of protecting employees and their family’s health, Total Ethiopia has minimized staff presence in the office by deploying work and availing IT equipment and platform that can be accessed from home. During the last three weeks, dedicated COVID-19 awareness voice messages against the virus are transmitted to all fuel truck drivers and Total Ethiopia employees.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 Total Ethiopia management, employees and its partners are joining hands to find ways to minimize the impact on public health and to limit disruptions of business activity and distribution of petroleum products in the country.
In so doing, Total Ethiopia in its corporate social responsibility program has taken various pragmatic and targeted actions as part of the national effort to fight the spread of the COVID-19.
Total Ethiopia was established in 1950 as a petroleum product distribution company, developed its activities by acquiring Mobil Oil East Africa assets in 2006. Today, the company operates with more than 150 service stations and five depots across the country, of which four are aviation depots, and Fuels and LPG depot, the Dukem depot. Dukem depot has a total storage capacity of more than 8 million liters of fuel. It also stores up to 100 tons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), an electronically-operated LPG cylinder filling plant and an ethanol blending facility. This depot is uniquely situated to serve the industry at large with its extra installed capacity.
Total Ethiopia is the first and the only petroleum distribution company which started to implement On Board Computer (OBC) on fuel trucks and company owned vehicles. Total Ethiopia is also a responsible citizen company that is actively promoting road safety and transporters and fuel truck drivers’ wellbeing by putting in service the only fully-furnished drivers’ resting facility inside Djibouti, fighting against malaria, ensuring product quality and developing renewable energies such as solar energy and largely pioneering fuel transport safety system in the country.
Total Ethiopia motivates young entrepreneurs through “Total Startupper of the Year” program with the objective to identify and reward the best innovative and sustainable projects developed by young Ethiopian entrepreneurs.