Korean community donates test kits, PPE and cash


On May 12, the Korean community in Ethiopia including the Embassy, businesses, NGOs and development agencies conveyed medical supplies as humanitarian assistance to the Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in order to support the Ethiopian government’s effort in the fight against the COVID-19. The Korean government supported the supply of 25,000 portions of the Korean diagnostic test kits. Other supplies and monetary donations were delivered together by KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency); Korean companies based in Ethiopia including EKOS, LG, Daewoo; non-governmental organizations based in Ethiopia such as Good Neighbors, World Share, Sarangbat. The Korean companies and NGOs voluntarily and actively participated in the Korean government’s decisions regarding humanitarian assistance, which shows Korea’s willingness to cooperate with Ethiopia in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis. During the ceremony, Ambassador Lim said “to beat COVID-19 and to recover from the devastation it has wrought, an unprecedented level of global solidarity and coordinated action is needed. The Korean government is prepared to fully share all information and insight garnered in our ongoing fight against COVID-19 with the partners in the international community. In particular, it will strengthen cooperation with Ethiopia, the only country in Africa that had dispatched a ground troop during the Korean War.” He added that Korea will not forget the partnership which Ethiopia showed to protect peace and freedom, and both countries have currently been working towards a joint effort to fight the new enemy, COVID-19, to emerge victorious. Minister Lia Tadesse expressed her gratitude for the continuous support and solidarity by the Korean government and the Korean community in Ethiopia. The Minister added that “Ethiopia is proud of Korea, a close partner, that it has successfully overcome the COVID-19 crisis,” and that “we hope Korea to play a crucial role in response to the COVID-19 in Africa, and especially in Ethiopia.”