Semhal Gu’ush


Name: Semhal Gu’ush

Education: Degree in architecture

Company name: Kabana leathers

Title: CEO

Founded in: 2017

What it does: Different kinds of leather bags, face masks and PPE products

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 80

Startup Capital: 300 birr

Current capital: 3 million birr

Reasons for starting the business: Passion for designing

Biggest perk of ownership: Positive impact on community

Biggest strength: Hard worker

Biggest challenging: easy ways of doing business

Plan: To create positive impact

First career: Architecture

Most interested in meeting: No one

Most admired person: My father

Stress reducer: Sketching

Favorite past time: Sketching and designing

Favorite book: The heart of a woman

Favorite destination: NASA

Favorite automobile: None